Publishing with Nature journals

讲座标题:Publishing with Nature journals

主讲人: Yaoqing Zhang

讲座时间:2018-03-29 10:00:00





        Nature journals have a two-fold mission: facilitating the prompt communications of the most important scientific developments to the relevant research communities, while at the same time fostering a greater appreciation of these great works of science amongst the wider public or non-specialists. In this talk, I will endeavor to shed light on how our editors apply these principles in practice, and so determine which few of the many high quality research submissions that we receive make it through to publication.


Yaoqing Zhang is an Associate Editor of Nature Communications. He joined Nature Publishing in 2016, after holding an assistant professorship in Japan. He handles a wide swath of manuscripts spanning the areas of inorganic chemistry, with a particular focus on electrochemical energy storage and solid state ionics. Yaoqing received his PhD in chemistry from the University of St Andrews in the UK, where he worked at the interface between solid state chemistry, electrochemistry and ceramics, before moving to Tokyo to expand his expertise into magnetism and superconductivity. His research interests also include crystallography, electron microscopy and high pressure chemistry. Yaoqing is based in the Shanghai Office.