The Potsdam Resilient Underground Microgrid

讲座标题:The Potsdam Resilient Underground Microgrid

主讲人: Thomas Ortmeyer

讲座时间:2017-06-27 13:30:00





The Potsdam Resilient Underground Microgrid will connect multiple entities within the Village of Potsdam that provide critical services during emergency conditions.  The proposed microgrid will connect several entities who provide critical services to the community during extended power outages caused by extreme events.  The microgrid will supply electric power to serve to emergency shelters for displaced population, shelters for recovery crews, medical services, freshwater and wastewater treatment systems, police, fire and rescue squads, and commercial businesses such as groceries, pharmacies, fuel stations and banks.  

This seminar will also present an overview of the Power Engineering Program at Clarkson University.   


Thomas Ortmeyer is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University. His work includes research into power quality, power system protection, and power distribution systems. Dr. Ortmeyer has chaired Clarkson’s electrical and Computer Engineering Department for 9 years, and developed and managed Clarkson’s Experiential Learning Program. Dr. Ortmeyer is currently involved in research and development of resilient microgrids, particularly the Potsdam Underground Resilient Microgrid project. He is also the Clarkson lead on the GridEd consortium, a workforce development project that is led by Electric Power Research Institute and funded by the US Department of Energy. Dr. Ortmeyer is a Life Fellow of the IEEE. Thomas Ortmeyer是美国克拉克森大学电气和计算机工程教授。他的工作包括电能质量、电力系统保护和配电系统的研究。Ortmeyer博士目前正在参与弹性微电网的研究和发展,特别是波茨坦地下弹性微电网项目。IEEE终身院士。