Network Attack and Defence: State-of-Art, Challenges, and Opportunities

讲座标题:Network Attack and Defence: State-of-Art, Challenges, and Opportunities

主讲人: 余水

讲座时间:2017-06-27 13:30:00





Cyberspace is now a critical battle ground for attacks and defences at personal and national level. However, cybersecurity is a mainly uncharted territory, and we have far more questions than answers from applications all the way to theories. In this talk, we firstly present the state-of-art of the field based on our own research and extensive study in cybersecurity. We present the problems and challenges that we are facing, and discuss the possible directions in the field.


Shui Yu is currently a Senior Lecturer of School of Information Technology, Deakin University. He is a member of Deakin University Academic Board (2015-2016), a Senior Member of IEEE, and a member of AAAS and ACM, the Vice Chair of Technical Committee on Big Data Processing, Analytics, and Networking of IEEE Communication Society, and a member of IEEE Big Data Standardization Committee. Dr Yu’s research interest includes Security and Privacy in Networking, Big Data, and Cyberspace, and mathematical modelling. He has published two monographs and edited two books, more than 150 technical papers, including top journals and top conferences, such as IEEE TPDS, IEEE TC, IEEE TIFS, IEEE TMC, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TETC, and IEEE INFOCOM. Dr Yu initiated the research field of networking for big data in 2013. His h-index is 25. Dr Yu actively serves his research communities in various roles. He is currently serving the editorial boards of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, IEEE Access, IEEE Journal of Internet of Things, IEEE Communications Magazine, and a number of other international journals. He has served more than 70 international conferences as a member of organizing committee, such as publication chair for IEEE Globecom 2015 and 2017, IEEE INFOCOM 2016 and 2017, TPC co-chair for IEEE BigDataService 2015, IEEE ATNAC 2014, IEEE ITNAC 2015; Executive general chair for ACSW2017. More information of Dr Yu can be found at